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Prem Studio has been excelled the level of paramount photography and has enriched the experience of creating memories into pictures.

Candid Photography

What we believe is that candid wedding photographs are pointless if they are not expressive.


Our team of creative cinematographers has years of experience working with couples such as newly-engaged or are going to tie their nuptial knot.

Pre and post-wedding photoshoots

Wedding is a very important moment in anyones life,We use high tech camera and recorders to make it even more special for you.

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Wedding fil/teaser

Friends who would otherwise faded into the annals of our memories, friends who studied with us years ago, or acquaintances whom we met along the way.

Online invitation video

Free online Wedding-Invitation-Video Invitations. Create personalized Indian/Hindu traditional invitation video.

Photo booth

These have become a popular addition to weddings and are a ton of fun for party goers.

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Digital Albums

Album keeps our memory safe and therefore it should get special attention while its creation,We understand this and accomplish it professionally.

DVD with high resolution pictures

Using Photo to Movie, the easiest way to publish high quality videos is to use Photo to Movie’s intrinsic support.

Matrimonial Photography

We Photoshoot for both individuals and Product branding.For having samples please contact us or send us enquiry.

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Maternity photoshoots(Pre Pregnancy Shoot)

Maternity photography is more important because it shows the sentiments of a mother for her child and also describes the care and affection.

Kids photography

Capture every single / special moments of your growing baby or kid photography. Prem Studio is one of best studios for kid photography

Live shows and concerts

We Cover a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses and small nightclubs, dedicated concert halls, arenas and parks to large multipurpose buildings, and even sports stadiums. Indoor concerts held in the largest venues are sometimes called arena concerts or amphitheatre concerts.

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Political Films

The Internet is a powerful resource in presidential campaigns. Howard Dean, a candidate for the 2004 Democratic party nomination, showed how to effectively use the Internet to raise money.

Décor/ambience photography

When talking about photography, “ambience” can be a very tricky term to pin down. Usually when talking about ambience (as distinct from “ambient light”), a photographer is referring to visual elements in a photograph that capture the mood, character or feeling of a place or thing – a visual element that allows one to recall the emotion of a scene.

Documentry Films

The malpractice of casteism and untouchability in contemporary India has not subsided over the period of years.

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