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About Us

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“Prem Studio is a well-known company in the fields of photography and videography based in the city of Lucknow. It was established in 1994,24 years back,Under leadership of Prem Sushil and it has shot approx thousand of weddings and related events in the city ever since. Its professionals specialize in candid photography which they beautifully combine with photojournalism, presenting an outstanding wedding album.”

“The wedding will fade, the flowers will wither away, and you won’t even remember the wedding day but your wedding pictures will last forever.” Celebrating your big day with intense enthusiasm and creating fond memories along the way is PREM STUDIO prime motive. Our wedding photography services are an honour to the festooned ambience of your wedding venue and the happy mood of your guests. “We are the perfect photographers cascading from the heavens, to celebrate and make your wedding a heavenly affair.”


About Photography

PREM STUDIO A place where photography blends with true emotions, love and memories that last forever.
We are specialized, passionate and experienced in capturing invaluable moments with complete dedication and precision so that you get nothing less than PERFECT.
We love to render expert photography services to our customers so that you get photographs that are full of life and sentiments.
Pre-wedding Photography – Pre wedding photography is a wonderful method of getting connected with your photographer. We can suggest you the itinerary and perfect locations for pre-wedding shoots and are also flexible to follow your suggestions on the same, so that you get photographs as per your dream expectations. On choosing PREM STUDIO, you also get to enjoy a lovely pre-wedding Facebook gallery that you may share with your loving ones. We, at PREM STUDIO, deliver excellent pre-wedding photographs that warm your hearts when you are about to begin a new journey with the soul mate of your dreams.

Bridal Shoot – Today, bridal shoot photography has grown by leaps and bounds. You do not have to confine yourself with just the bridal attire and bouquet. Just explore the beautiful backdrops, scenic views and tender beauty with us. Let us show you how beautiful and unique you can look with our unparalleled bridal portrait shoots.Opting for our bridal photography, will not only opportune you to try your bridal dress, jewelry and accessories but will also give you the chance to get comfortable with your wedding photographer.

Candid Photography – We capture each precious moment as it unfolds. We give attention to details during the candid photo shoots and are addicted to ingenuity. We do not only consider fabulous backgrounds but also frame images with interesting foregrounds so that the photographs look unique. Equipped every time with excellent camera and topnotch zooming lens, we ensure capturing most natural moments without our subjects knowing that they are being captured.

Stay natural, look beautiful and win hearts with candid photography at PREM STUDIO.

Portrait Photography– We ensure and produce top class portraits from subject to subject. We capture the perfect personality of our subject with the help of right effects including lighting, backdrops, and of course, a keen eye. Sometimes we follow all the rules to create a perfect portrait and sometimes, we just break all the rules to get a portrait that commune beauty and originality!


About us

We Love To Capture Real Moments on Picture Because Bring Memories are Priceless Treasure That We can Look it up again in the future.That is one of the Biggest Reasons why we focus on Wedding photography.

Capturing the “Once in a Life Time”. Events, happy Faces, Smiles, Happy tears have special meaning in our hearts. Our clients are not just clients but they become our good friends. we Always Capture the best moment of their happiest days of their Life.

In the face of busy Schedule, distractions and the infinite to do List, Focus on what u love…and Let us do the Rest.

The commitment that started in rahimnagar, mahanagar over five years ago now define PREM STUDIO everyone who works with PREM STUDIO  is doing what they are both talented at and enthusiastic about. The two founders still like to tinker with re-touching a photo here or shoot a home video their talent is leading an ever moving company that elates its customers.

Let clients and customers know everything about you and your company